Dynamic music, sound design, VO and writing for Global Game Jam game First Glance

Our game dealth with a character who's perspective can grow and change in cool and interesting ways. I wanted to reflect those changes in perspective by dynamically fading between various versions of the same song. For instance, when the character escapes the bounds of his 2 dimensional world, the music shifts from an 8-bit palatte to a more acoustic one, giving the player the feeling that they have transcended the limits of the first primitive yet desceptive level they encounter.


Dynamic music, sound design, voices/creatures and writing for Columbia College Summer Game Challenge winner, Flower Power.

I had lots of fun tearing, throwing, stomping and twisting various bits of yard waste to create the sounds of the monstrous plants. I also got to work my voice acting chops making all of the monstrous noises of the various plants. I also wrote and implemented dynamically mixed music through unity scripting. I feel very proud of what we managed to accomplish in a single month. Unfortunately, this capture only features the music I composed for the project. A sample of the gameplay sound is coming soon.

Music and sound design for Columbia College Chicago Art of Play tower defense game Bug Blasters.

The first pece of music I wrote for Bug Blasters turned out to be far too action packed, but in the end it proved to work excellently as menu music. My personal favorite sound effect was the robot dragonflies, which was created by raising the pitch of a helicopter sound, and lowering the pitch of a bee buzzing sound.

Dynamic music, and sound design for 24 hr Columbia College Game Jam runner up, The Floor is Lava.

Because of the incredibly short time span, I had about three hours to create my assets for this game. This included things like running into my home studio with a hot frying pan to try and capture the "sizzle", and blowing bubbles into melted ice cream to make the bubbling lava sound. This was one of the first times I ever implemented interactive music through scripting, and though I now know how to do it much more elegantly, it worked well enough at the time.